Leftfield Environmental comprises of a group of industry leading specialists with many years of experience within all aspects of asbestos related consultancy and testing activities. Our consultants understand the wide variety of requirements our clients have with regards to asbestos consultancy and testing, we deliver high quality services to both private and public sector clients throughout the UK and Channel Islands.

Our proposal to the trust is to supply a small amount of tidal energy from the dock gates at Briton Ferry by means of a tidal turbine, which could then provide the energy needed around the dock area and maybe enough to provide an electric car for use around the energy park, this car could be rented out to local businesses on the energy park for a fee which is then paid to the trust monthly.

With the news that the South Wales area especially Neath/Port Talbot suffers from bad air pollution a tidal turbine power is a fantastic way of producing clean, efficient energy and with the Neath tide being one of the highest in the world we are sure this will be a great idea for the trust and local business.

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