The Trusts Goals & Objectives

With the resurgence of the Trust in 2018 and regular meetings, the trust decided that the only way forward was for important training and governance.

The trustees started with very informative BRICK training which was implemented by the Princes Regeneration Trust, this training provided the trust with a fantastic insight of how an organisation like ours could work and function correctly.

The trust also had the opportunity to meet with Neath CVS for important governance training, this was invaluable and provided the trust the help it needed with the way forward.  Apart from the guidelines that Neath CVS provided for operating a trust, the trustees also decided on what type of organisation we should become,  the trustees and committee agreed to become a charitable incorporated organisation.

To date, April 2018 the newly formed Trust has already started is first quarter of development and are now a re-constituted group with charity status. We are proud to announce that we have full local authority backing and look forward to continuing to build a good relationship with all our partners in the future developments.

Month 1 to 6
Re-consitution of group?
Become a Charity Status?
Backing of the Local Authority?
Website & Marketing Strategy?
Month 7 to 12
Business Plan?
Agree Calendar of Events?
Setup sub-groups/commities?
Agree phases with Local Authority?
Start Community Engagement?
Month 13 to 18
Apply for Development Funding
Draw up Annual Plans
Review Skills Audit & Identify Training Needs
Month 19 to 24
Apply for funding for Phase 1
Tender Opportunity for Contactors
Appoint Project Manager & Development Team

Our trust at present is working to become a charitable incorporated organisation our project depends on funding and donations.

By donating you will become a member of the Trust and will be updated with regular news updates and important information from the Trust.